Phoebe & Stephen… New Forest Summer Wedding

Phoebe will always be one of those brides that’s sticks out in my mind for many years to come. Her style was just that little bit different, she had the cutest little dress, and her flower choices were vibrant with eclectic styling, everything verged on the vintage side of things…

When I asked her why this dress, I smiled when so told me she chose diamonds over her dress! no brainer if you ask me… “I didn’t like the thought of spending lots of money on a dress as I love jewellery and Stephen agreed to buy me some diamond earrings if my dress wasn’t too much. I knew that I wanted a luxurious fabric such as pure silk and something timeless, sweet and simple. I think that something big and puffy wouldn’t have matched the simple wedding! I was looking online on Christmas eve and ordered this one for £200 on a whim. When it arrived my mum and I knew it was right so I never needed to go into a dress shop, I may have missed out on that experience but I did have a lot of fun choosing my veil and getting that embroidered with our initials and wedding date”.

What was your theme?…”I chose this theme as I think that people look prettiest surrounded by warm colours – I wanted sunset type colours as I think they are really flattering, with a splash of blue from my favourite, delphinium! The flower headband was the answer to my hair and veil issues and really went with my dress. I loved how my sister looked with hers on too. All of the foliage in the flowers was amazing and I loved that it was fragrant too (although the rosemary in my floral crown did prompt my Granny to say I smelt like a roast lamb). It also tied in with getting married in such a foresty, green place. I have always loved blue and white china and loved the contrast of the jugs and the flowers. There wasn’t really a theme for our wedding – just relaxed and simple but getting the flowers right was a huge priority as I knew they would bring the whole thing together!”

What was the most important thing to you?…”Flowers and photography were my absolute priorities! I was able to budget for other aspects but flowers make the photos look incredible and the photos are what lasts forever! I knew I wanted special flowers with lots of texture and someone who  was able to create the style in my mind without any fuss. I met with a couple of florists and felt disheartened but as soon as I found your website I knew I had to book you! I am so happy I did and seeing the back of your van on the morning of the wedding, when I was feeling so nervous, was just wonderful as they were such perfect flowers and I knew it would all fall into place.”

What was your favourite part of the day?…”I loved our ceremony! walking into the church I felt so much love coming from everyone there. The roof of the lovely old church that we were meant to get married in collapsed a few weeks before the wedding and so the other church was much bigger than we had planned for, I was so worried about this and the last minute changed gave me a bit of a wobble. However Clair’s flowers bought it all together, standing at the alter between the amazing flowers I felt very cosy in the big open church. Apart from actually getting married, my favourite part of the day was going off for a while with Stephen and the photographer for some portraits but also to relax and enjoy what we had just done. I also loved the ceilidh dance and looking around the room and seeing our families mixing and school friends dancing with newer friends, it was surreal and wonderful. I’d do it all again tomorrow!”

Photographer… Martin Beddall

Alisa & Daniels Barn Wedding, Berkshire…

Alisa is a wedding photographer, we became friends on Instagram, little did I realise she was stalking me to do her wedding flowers! I’ve got to admit, It’s always an honour when another wedding professional asks me to do their wedding flowers. You think to yourself, gosh I must be doing something right if they think i’m good enough!

Alisa and I chatted after the wedding, one of my burning questions was… what was it like being on the side of the camera?… To be honest I thought it was going to be really weird as I know all the little things I would say and do to make my couples feel relaxed! However I trusted Paul, he’s a great guys, and I just relaxed into it, letting him do his thing. He must have been a bit nervy too! Truthfully, after a while I forgot he was there, I was too busy enjoying the whole experience.

Why the dress?… I wanted something that was sleek with a wow factor and this dress ticked those boxes and more. It was so comfortable to walk in and I loved the detail around the neckline and the train was just stunning. I felt amazing in it and paired with the classic veil it was just perfect.

Why the venue?… Being a wedding photographer I wanted to find a venue that I hadn’t photographed so took to instagram… and that is where I came across Wasing Park. The venue is just stunning, from the grounds, the rooms, the staff and the general feel of the place. Our biggest priorities for a venue was food, onsite accommodation and a bar in the same room as the dance floor and Wasing ticked all of those boxes and more.

How did you choose your bridesmaids?… I am fortunate to have so many amazing friends in my life and if I could I would have had an army but I decided to have my sister Amelia, my two cousins Yazmin and Leyli and my oldest dearest friend Charlotte. I did however encourage my friends to wear a shade of green to compliment the colour scheme.

What did you love most about the flowers?… WOW… the flowers were just so incredible and I knew they would be amazing, but seeing them on the day it was like a dream come true. I love flowers and Clair delivered ten fold! I absolutely loved the textures, the shades of green and the sheer size of the centrepieces. My bouquet was UNBELIEVABLE, so beautiful, so wow and everything I could have ever wanted. I can’t stop looking at all the images!

Favourite part of the day?
I am not sure that I could say just one part of the day being my favourite but if I could pick two moments it would be during the ceremony when Daniel and I exchanged our own vows and the evening when we were all dancing and I looked around and every single person had the biggest smile on their faces. It really was the best day of my life and better than I could have ever imagined and hoped, I married my best friend and love of my life and I am still smiling about it now.

Clair….you are a legend and I cannot thank you enough for making my wedding look as stunning as it did alongside the epic team at Linen and Lace. It was a dream come true. Thank you so much. xx

Photographer… Paul Gregory

Wedding stylist… Linen & Lace

Alisa & Daniel, Wasing park…

Clair…… you are AMAZING!!! I will send you a proper thank you, but when I woke up this morning I had to send you a message because you literally made my flower wedding dreams come true! My bouquet was INCREDIBLE, the centre pieces were out of this world and it was better than I could have ever imagine. You’re literally the most talented florist in all of the land and it honestly made me so happy. So thank you thank you thank you a million times over!

You’re best, love Alisa & Daniel xxx

Top tips to planning your wedding flowers…

I’ve had many brides say to me during their consultation, their wedding flowers are ultimately the most important thing to them… Eek… no pressure! So planning is oh so very important. With so many varieties, themes and seemingly endless inspiration to choose from, it can quickly become overwhelming, so here’s some tips…

1. Inspiration…
I highly recommend a pinterest board… i’ll always ask a bride to provided one so I can get a real vibe for the day… You can pin and find endless sources of inspiration on pinterest and google searches… Most of you tend to have a pretty solid theme or look you’re interested in so be careful not to get side tracked and deviate from your original plan, I’ve seen many confusing mood boards! Once you’ve got a decent amount pined, edit down your preferences to focus on detail and finer touches.
2. flowers…
Don’t get yourself all stressed out thinking you now need to start learning Latin and memorising all the flowers names… I find it’s best to let your theme and the season choose your flowers for you… I usually ask couples if they have any ultimate favourite flowers they’d dearly love to be included, there’s always one or two. Then I tend to find out what kind of shapes and textures you like… some like the big blousy look with thousands of petals and layers, others prefer the dainty wildflower look… It’s then over to me to create mood boards and suggestions, based on your likes, making the whole process stress free!
3. Dresses…
Super important that your flowers complement your dress and bridesmaids dresses… even if you haven’t found your perfect dress yet, or started to look for bridesmaids dresses! Have a rough idea of the colours you’ll likely go for and potential style for yourself so I can highlight any colours or styles I think will clash… It’s not always the case though, I once had a bride who had the biggest patterned floral dress with sparkly all star pumps… she kept saying to me ‘Clair, I think my bouquet should all be one colour!’… I managed to convince her that mixing the colours picking out all the shades in her dress would look awesome… she put her faith in me and it looked totally amazing, she loved it.

4. Location
Your venue will always have a strong influence on choices and styles…Ideally, you want an element of fluidity running through your flowers and venue… I find a lot of couple really like to embrace nature and often want to bring the outside in going for wild natural looks with lots of textured foliage and complementing blooms… barn weddings are often nice to incorporate rustic elements such as milk churns, bricks, and rustic wooden crates… you might think ‘brick!’… picture those beautiful old dusty type bricks with a half melted chunky pillar candle.. This kind of simple styling looks very cool and really embraces a vibe.

5. Budget
Budgets are all to often a taboo, I find it so difficult to advise my couples when they haven’t decided on what they can afford… My job is interpret your dreams and visions for the day alongside your budget, offering suitable suggestions that fit within… I strongly advise you have a rough idea… understandably, most of you haven’t a clue about the cost of floral designs, however you’ll find most florist will have a basic price list on their website, I’d check as many of these out as possible and figure out a budget from here. If you’re still not sure let you florist know what you consider to be a lot of money, what you don’t want is your florist making lots of suggestions that are going to be unsuitable.

So then guys, I hope you’ve found this helpful and are now fully armed with all the info you’ll need to start planning your wedding flowers, your florist will love you if you’re this organised. If any of you have any questions, hop on over to the contact page and ping me an email… Good luck x

Rupert & Emily… Sopley Lake Summer Wedding…

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Emily and Rupert (aka… Mr & Mrs Concker Gin) for many years. As some of you may know my studio is right next door to their distillery here in Southbourne… the scent of gin flowers is a pretty alluring combination I can tell you! I was honoured when they asked me to be their wedding florist, not just because I was close by and they knew me, but because they love all things natural and rustic…

I asked Emily and Rupert about what look they were after?… “We wanted a natural wild, outdoorsy feel with lots of foliage. So often we walk past and see your work, so we knew you were the one”. One of the ingredients used to brew their Gin is Gorse, grown and foraged right here on the cliff tops of Southbourne, so mustard yellow was a big feature in the wedding… Rupert really liked dried, natural seed heads and textured elements like thistles… Emily had  chosen a dusty lavender bridesmaids dress, so she asked for hints of this colour too, and they left the rest to me. Emily’s bouquet was super rustic and wild, I loved it, it represented everything I’m about. Her little girls had super cute bundles of daisy’s to complement their little yellow dresses… floral jars lined the aisle, leading to a wow factor moongate covered in textured foliage, fresh hops and splashes of bright yellow solidago, creating the perfect back drop to the lake where they had the second ceremony of the day. “You produced the showstopping flowers that we adored and it really finished off the day”.

I asked them Why they chose this location… “Sopley Lake is a stunning location Because it’s by the water. The lake was the perfect place for us to say our vows in front of all ours gusts, it felt special. We actually got married at High Cliffe Castle in the morning with just a few family and friends, we wanted the main event to be at the lake.  The best bit was we had the entire place for two days, and all of our friends and family could stay together on site in yurts and camping. It felt secluded and private but also gave us enough space to create an intimate wedding. Even though we invited 120 people!! We had a massive barbecue the following day, which was such good fun, it was nice to have that extra day to soak everything up and relax a little”.

How easy was it to find your dress?… “Well that was REALLY difficult. I struggled to find one that I liked. I was worried about Rupert liking it, I hated the idea of being centre of attention and everyone looking at me. I felt this huge pressure to look beautiful. I ended up taking some buddies with me for support, their help and encouragement helped me confidently find a dress that I liked. I didn’t want anything too flashy and sparkly but still wanted a bit of a show stopper. This one ticked all the boxes, and it complemented my figure”.

How would you sum up your day?… “Every moment was special, being with everyone I absolutely love was amazing. Rupe was such a gent. Kids were absolutely adorable. Everyone was so happy! The food was lush too and so much of it. Dancing was phenomenal and we partied into the night! I just wish we could do it all over again”.

Photographer – Charlotte Razzell 

She is an extremely talented artist

Even after my own wedding over a year ago I still follow Clair on all her social medias... seeing her new work with other brides and feeling like she keeps re-investing herself, nothing is ever alike! She is an extremely talented artist.

Exactly what every bride needs

Clair is knowledgeable & friendly which is exactly what every bride needs. Her work looks like it's out of an East London photoshoot with oodles of style... All of my bridesmaids want Clair to be there florist. She is exceptional!

Very responsive and flexible

Clair is extremely passionate about what she does, which is highly infectious... She knows her craft and is very responsive and flexible to additional ideas... Everyone commented that they were the most stunning wedding flowers they'd ever seen!