Awesome romantic wedding bouquets…

Wedding bouquets… For me its all about the roses… I know some of you out there are not a big fan of roses but its all about how you use them, trust  me I’m the last person who’d want their husband to to come with a bunch of roses, but when you use them for their shape and texture combining them with beautiful country garden flowers they transform…

Take these elegant bridal bouquets… Blousy garden roses, with a scent to die for, teamed with textured foliage, floaty grasses and rustic country garden flowers. I wouldn’t say no would you?!

I was drawn to this moodiness of some of these with those velvety red rose’s teamed with lilac/grey amnesia rose… what a contrast. It wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for those dark seed heads merging the colours together in complete harmony. These combined with those wispy delicate flowers work so well making the perfect wedding bouquet.

Getting a little shape into a bouquet can be quite fun too… either oval shaped or mimicking a heart

We met Clair and clicked immediately

We met Clair and just clicked immediately with her. She had prepared ideas based on our description of the wedding and she was one of the few suppliers we met who genuinely tailored her approach as soon as she got the brief.

She is an extremely talented artist

Even after my own wedding over a year ago I still follow Clair on all her social medias... seeing her new work with other brides and feeling like she keeps re-investing herself, nothing is ever alike! She is an extremely talented artist.

An excellent creator of floral masterpieces

Clair instinctively knew what flowers to use based upon my brief... She is calm, relaxed, professional and discrete... An excellent creator of floral masterpieces which brought tears of joy to my eyes.