How much do wedding flowers cost…

How much do wedding flowers cost? What is the average spend for wedding flowers? How do I know if my budget is enough?
These are all questions prospective brides will be asking themselves. Understandably most people don’t know about the cost of such things, budgeting for all aspects of a wedding can quite quickly become overwhelming, so I’ve written a guide to help you all plan…

First thing’s first, write a wish list prioritising what are the absolute musts and things you simply have to have. These are usually…
Bridal bouquet – bridesmaids bouquets – buttonholes and table centrepieces.
Then if budget allows…
Ceremony flowers – extra venue flowers at entrances, chill out areas and outside areas – candle light styling – cake flowers and thank you bouquets.
If you have a large budget you can start to think about all the extras such as…
Venue styling – gift table flowers and table plan flowers – lighting and prop hire – hanging floral installations – tree hire – throw away bouquet and so on…
Once you’ve done this I’d browse the internet looking for wedding florists in your local area and check out the price lists on their website to give you an idea of how much all of the items on your wish list will cost… Most florist will have a basic price list for such things, however bespoke items or unusual requests are always hard to give an average price for, so allow for this in your planning.  Below is the price list from my website to give you an idea…
Bridal bouquet from… £100.00
Bridesmaid bouquet from…£70.00
Flower girl bouquet/hoop from…£40.00
Buttonhole/Lapel corsage from…£7.50
Wrist Corsage from…£20.00
Floral Crowns from… three quarter/full…£35.00/50.00
Floral jam jars from…£25.00
Cake flowers from…£45.00
Thank you bouquet from…£60.00
Short table centrepiece from…125.00
Medium tall table centrepiece from…£175.00
Large tall table centrepiece from…£250.00
Milk churn arrangement from…£200.00
Large urn/pedestal arrangement from…£250.00
Birch wood arch… Foliage/Flower from…£400.00/£600.00
Moon gate… Foliage/Flower from…£600.00/£1000.00
Floral Columns… Foliage/Flower from…£400.00/£600.00
Floral swings… Foliage/Flower from…£400.00/£600.00
Chandeliers… Foliage/flower from….£400.00/£600.00

So using your checklist add up all the items, starting with your must haves and see how much this comes to… If you’re surprised that the amount is less than you thought, then fantastic, skip over to your other lists and start prioritising, adding elements you know you can afford…

To give you an idea of one of my clients average spend, here’s a basic check lists with costs…
Bridal bouquet – £100
4 x bridesmaids bouquets – £280.00
8 x buttonholes (groom, best man, 4 ushers, 2 dads) £45
10 x table centrepieces at an average spend of £175.00 – £1750
Set up and delivery – average £250.00
Collection of hired items the following day – average £100.00
Total – £2525.00

A top tip of mine… if you want wow factor table centrepieces and don’t quite have the budget… go for 3-4 show stoppers, creating that ultimate statement look, then choose smaller cheaper arrangements for all the other tables, or perhaps just an eclectic mass candlesticks and tea lights, this always looks really cool. It’s a great cost effective way to get the look you’re after, without spending your entire life savings… Another top tip is to use all of the table centrepieces for your ceremony flowers first. This really makes the most of every penny you spend, and there’s no going with out or compromise!

One thing you’ll find when you’re scouring the internet, is that florists price lists will vary from one to another… now this isn’t simply because one florist will charge more for an item than the other, look closely at the designs on their website, how luxurious are they? how big are they? flower content? foliage content? and please don’t think that by using lots of foliage items will inevitably be cheaper, this is not the case, foliage can be very expensive and you’d be surprised how much goes into each design. You’ll find that cheaper florists will use less flowers and foliage, lower grade/basic range flowers, and perhaps even smaller designs.

I recommend using Pinterest as a source of inspiration too,  find a florist you like with prices within your reach, then start the wonderful journey of choosing and designing your wedding flowers with a florist you connect with and trust.

Happy wedding planning guys!

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