2019 price guide…

It’s always best to book a consultation where your ideas can be discussed in depth, designs developed & detailed quotation put together… To start your wedding flower journey please head over to the contact page and fill in the questionnaire…
Below I have put together prices for popular items to help you figure out a budget…
to give you an idea of flower content and size you’ll find these featured on my website and social media…


Please note… I have a £500 minimum spend… orders between £500 and £100o require collection and setup by yourself the day before the wedding… orders over £1000 entitles you to delivery and setup by me or one of my floral designers.
Bridal bouquet from…  £100.00
Bridesmaid bouquet from… £65.00
Flower girl bouquet/hoop from… £40.00
Buttonhole/Lapel corsage from… £7.50
Wrist Corsage from… £20.00
Floral Crowns from… three quarter/full £35.00/50.00
Floral jam jars from… £25.00
Cake flowers from… £45.00
Thank you bouquet from… £60.00
Short table centrepiece from… 125.00
Tall table centrepiece from… £175.00
Milk churn arrangement from… £175.00
Large urn/pedestal arrangement from… £250.00
Birch wood arch… Foliage/Flower from… £400.00/£600.00
Moon gate… Foliage/Flower from… £550.00/850.00
Floral Columns… Foliage/Flower from… £350.00/£550.00
Floral swings… from… £400.00
Chandeliers… from Foliage/flower…. £400.00/600.00

We met Clair and clicked immediately

We met Clair and just clicked immediately with her. She had prepared ideas based on our description of the wedding and she was one of the few suppliers we met who genuinely tailored her approach as soon as she got the brief.

Exactly what every bride needs

Clair is knowledgeable & friendly which is exactly what every bride needs. Her work looks like it's out of an East London photoshoot with oodles of style... All of my bridesmaids want Clair to be there florist. She is exceptional!

She is an extremely talented artist

Even after my own wedding over a year ago I still follow Clair on all her social medias... seeing her new work with other brides and feeling like she keeps re-investing herself, nothing is ever alike! She is an extremely talented artist.