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My top five romantic wedding bouquets…

Wedding bouquets… For me its all about the roses… I know some of you out there are not a big fan of roses but its all about how you use them, trust  me I’m the last person who’d want their husband to to come with a bunch of roses, but when you use them for their shape and texture combining them with beautiful country garden flowers they transform…

Take this elegant bridal bouquet… Blousy garden roses, with a scent to die for I bet, teamed with textured foliages, floaty grasses and rustic country garden flowers. I wouldn’t say no would you?!

I was drawn to this moody number for those velvety red rose’s teamed with lilac/grey amnesia rose… what a contrast. It wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for those dark seed heads merging the colours together in complete harmony. These combined with those wispy delicate flowers work so well making the perfect wedding bouquet.

I thought this bouquet was quite fun with its heart shape. I was mostly drawn to the textures and pops of dark colours so bravely scattered throughout. Once again it’s the use of soft delicate country garden flowers that bring everything together.

I love the simplicity of this wedding bouquet… Blousy garden roses combined with scented blossom and stacks of textured rustic foliage’s. Some times simplicity is all you need.

Lastly this little cutie… It’s foraged foliage’s give this bridal bouquet it’s wild edge. Soft pink textured roses are the focal point with all those soft summer flowers complementing each other.

So there you go, roses don’t have to be standard and boring, use your imagination and bring them to life!

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